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    Run adobe Air from USB stick


      Hi. I am making this experiment, under a linux enrionment now.


      I have copied a Adobe Air installation on the USB, mounted say in /media/usb with the runtime in /media/usb/air


      If I run:


      cd /media/usb/air

      ./Versions/1.0/Adobe\ AIR\ Application\ Installer -runtime /media/usb/


      it start using that runtime. It works couse I have copied some .so that where symbolic links into the directory structure.

      I can so choose a packaged .air application, installation starts, I click "install" I can choose folder to install. Default proposed folder is /opt. Whatever folder I choose it works only if I have air installed on my system. Otherwise fails with a "error #1".


      I tried to change paths in configuration files in the installation on the USB key to point to /media/usb/air but nothing changed.

      It seems that somewhere the installer or the air package still point to a default installation under /opt/Adobe AIR.


      Any advice?