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    Projector and dir file size grow 7X unexpectedly … dcr remains the same.

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      I’m updating a Shockwave project that is also available for download (so size matters and I’ve got a dcr and exe of the same project). Last year the file sizes were as follows: dir = 933kb, dcr = 203kb, exe = 4,857kb … all reasonable. I started with last year’s file, eliminated numerous redundant scripts and cast members (including an unused font), combined the functionality of scripts that were similar, streamlined the operation of other scripts, updated some internal data, replaced the one and only bmp with a new one for this year (same size), saved and compacted … and for all my effort to clean up this year’s version I get the following: dir = 33.9Mb, dcr = 224kb, exe = 37.5Mb The xtras are an obvious suspect but I went down the list and they’re the same as last year, the only outside xtra being POM (which hasn’t changed since 2006) I recompiled last year’s project and the sizes were still reasonable, so Director isn’t broke. Anyone know what's up?

      PS: I made a dummy copy of this year's movie, elminated everything (all sprites, all cast members, all xtras), save and compact, and the dir file is still 33Mb?!?!?

      PPS: Well, I copied everything into a fresh document, spent about an hour making sure scripts not attached to sprites didn't get left behind, re-attached the required xtras, and now I'm back down to a 4.4Mb projector but I'm not sure why.
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          Go to File, Save and Compact. That should bring it down to a normal
          size. What happens is when you use the normal save procedure, it is a
          "quick save" which does not actually remove anything that you deleted
          and adds in anything new that you added. So file sizes will get bigger.
          When you either change the name of the file (file, save as) or if you
          save and compact, then it will remove all that cruft and leave you with
          a smaller file. But it takes a little longer. I get in the habit of
          using Save and Compact about once a day.
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            Thanks Mike. The odd thing is the results above were after a “save and compact” (as a matter of habit I always compact). Even with everything stripped out of the file I couldn’t get Director to jettison whatever garbage had gotten lodged in. On the plus side, moving the cast and score to a fresh document not only cured the problem but also allowed me to eliminate some legacy xtras that were no longer being used (this project has been updated yearly since 2002).

            PS: Flash's memory and file size audit report is really nice for trouble shooting this kind of problem, it would be nice if Director gets the same feature.