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    Is the error "Cannot resolve macro:  WH_LNG_Fts Max Result" causing style issues in WebHelp?


      I just upgraded several RoboHelp HTML online help projects from RoboHelp V5 to V8.0.2.  I generated WebHelp on one small database and everything looks good.  I also generated WebHelp on our largest database and it's somewhat of a disaster.  There are kerning issues, bulleted items show as numbered items, drop-downs are cut off, and so on.  During generation, when RoboHelp was applying the WebHelp 5.50 template, I received a tempate error:  "Cannot resolve macro:  WH_LNG_Fts Max Result."  Are the issues related to the error?  Do you have any suggestions on resolving the error and the problems in the generated output? 


      Thanks, bgwriter.