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    InDesign Server Fails to start


      We are unable to get our plugin running under the Relase version of InDesign CS4 Server, under Debug on a development server all runs OK.


      Running Windows Server 2003 SE SP2


      .Net 2.0 SP2

      .Net 3.0 SP2

      .Net 3.5 SP2


      The Error I am getting the following error in the windows Event log


      Source: SideBySide


      Description: Generate Activation Context failed for C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS4 Server\Plug-ins\OurPlugin\OurPlugin_CS4.PLN. Reference error message: The referenced assembly is not installed on your system.


      I have also tried installing the rapid release patch to 6.0.5 but it has made no difference.


      Any suggestions welcomed.