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      Any idea how to add a key shortcut to a snippet, as it goise i cant get the trigger text to work but not to bothered as id much prefer to have a keyboard shortcut to it instead.





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          benalembick Level 1

          Just to note I have figured out how to get the trigger text to work (i think a possible bug)


          The shortcut that you run after typing the trigger text is by default CTR+J however this conflicts with another (cant remember which) so when i changed the shortcut to say CTR+SHIFT+J it worked.


          STILL no fix on a KEYBOARD shortcut option though.



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            Dipanwita S Level 1



            We currently do not support custom shortcut creation. But that has been requested by many users and hence, is in the pipeline. So, just in case trigger shortcut Ctrl+J conflicts with any other, the only way is to change the key mapping as you have done.




            Adobe ColdFusion Team