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    ParallelElement, BitmapData and SecurityError


      Hi all,


      I've been trying to do something and I think I might be making it harder than it actually is, so I thought I'd ask.


      I have a ParallelElement that loads 2 videos, this ParallelElement is about 600 * 480 pixels.
      After that I add a Bitmap instance that displays one of the two videos on top of that, and it's size is about 200 * 150 pixels. I'm doing this because I want the user to be able to be able to drag and move the "Bitmap" with his mouse, I'm pretty sure I could do this with OSMF but I haven't found how and this was the workaround I used.


      However, since I'm often loading videos from different domains, when I call the BitmapData.draw method to render my video in that Bitmap, I get security errors. I using a crossdomain file on the server that allows those domains, In my main app, I call











      The Security Error tells me that the checkPolicyFile hasn't been set in my code, but the thing is, no where in my code am I using a "Loader" (at least a flash.display.Loader) I'm just using a BitmapData instance that draws the 'video' in my ParallelElement to render the Bitmap ...


      Thanks for your help