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    Can't Stop Capturing and Files Have no Audio

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      Once a tape has finished capturing, the only way I can close OL is through the task manager or by starting a new tape.  I have captured every tape the exact same way, and out of 5 tapes, 3 have video only, 1 is a corrupted file, and 1 captured correctly.  I can only import the clip that has working audio and video into Premiere or SoundBooth—none of the others work; they just sit and (don't) import for hours.  All the files have sizes that suggest the audio is taking up space, but it will not play or import into a timeline.


      VLC will only play one of the files.  It has a thumbnail but no audio.


      I tested each tape to see if it would capture correctly, so I recorded 15 seconds and clicked stop (because it will allow me to stop if the tape is not over yet), and then I played the captured file, and they always had audio.  When I do the entire tape, however, only rarely does the audio stay intact.


      What do I DO?

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          Wow. I just started using CS5OL and immediately ran into the same problem you described.  Sorry you had to wait for almost a year for a reply.

          I have a SONY D8 tape player/recorder and a SONY HDV tape player connected to W7 PC via DV link (firewire).  OL crashes if you try to STOP recording when being feed "bad" video ... ie area on tape passed recorded video.


          Since this appears to be an OL "bug" I can only offer you the work around that works for me.  Your mileage may vary.


          When OL is in record mode and the video on the tape "runs out" (tape runs passed end of recorded material)... if I click STOP in OL, it freezes and then quits.

          When I try to reload OL, it (warning ... assumptions ahead) "tries" to go straight to the previously opened project (even if you have prompt to ask at start up) and then freezes.  Apparently, OL "thinks" the start up prompt is displayed and waits for you to do something.  Only problem is, the prompt is not displayed and OL just boinks at you.  A visit to the Task Manager is the only way to kill OL.

          The weird thing is, if you rename the project file or folder that you had open when the crash occured ... the restart of OL does show the start up prompt as normal.  The other weird thing is that the clip that was being recorded during the crash apparently gets left "open" and is not properly closed.

          If you revisit the video clip file, only the video is there ... no audio.  Weird!


          The work around.  While recording and the tape player video runs passed the end of recorded video ... I simply press the review (rewind while playing) button on the player to rewind the tape back to "good" video.  Once the player starts playing the "good" video again ... then click STOP in OL and it should close the clip properly.


          In a nut shell, you can only STOP recording when OL is being feed "good" video.  It will crash 100% of the time (my un-success rate) if you hit STOP or RECORD if being feed "bad" video.


          In summary, when your tape plays passed the end of recorded material .... DON'T TOUCH OL!!!   Simply rewind the tape back to "good" video and allow to play.  Then press STOP.   Your clip may have a big clunky section at the end but that's why they invented video editors ... isn't it.


          I hope this helps.  Dave

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            Not a good quality video but kind of gets the point across.