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    FTP Manager Problems


      I have run into a strange (to me) problem with a particular site in my Dreamweaver 8 Site Manager list.  None of my other sites (10 in all) seem to be affected, just this one - but it is my biggest site.


      The problem is that I am getting contradictory messages when I try to access files using FTP.  When I go into the Site Manager to edit this particular site by resetting the password to a new one I created with an online Control Panel, I am told when I click the "Test" button that:


      "Macromedia Dreamweaver connected to your Web server successfully."


      However, when I then leave the Manager and try to connect to the site, I am given an error dialog stating:


      "An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host.

      Your login or password is incorrect. Please check your connection information."


      I've set and reset the "passive FTP" setting, the "Use firewall" settings, FTP performance optimization settings, but nothing seems to have made a difference.  I've also renamed the WinFileCache-xxxxxxxx.dat as per instructions in the FAQ, but it did not seem to make a difference either.


      Does anyone have any idea why Dreamweaver's Site Manager FTP  test script works while the program itself cannot connect?

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          J Cellini Level 3

          It may be a bug in Dreamweaver. Check out the following page:



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            JEofVA Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, however while it sounds almost exactly like my problem, it doesn't seem to be the solution.  One part of the solution I'd already done, which was to get the DW 8.0.2 update.  Also the registry modification didn't need modifying - they were exactly as they should have been.


            The thing that seems different from the recommended solution is that the problem only affect a single FTP profile.  All of the other ones seem to be okay.  That would seem to point to a corrupted configuration  file somewhere, but I'm not sure where that would be. I've renamed the only file that I can find that might hold user names and passwords for the various accounts: WinFileCache-xxxxxxxx.dat.  I looked at the the XML files in the C:Documents and Settings\...\Dreamweaver 8\Configuration\SiteCache folders, but they seem to be just windowing parameters as far as I can tell.  And as expected, a new WinFileCache-xxxxxxxx.dat file appeared to replace the renamed one - and yet the problem persists.


            I really don't know where to go from here....  any suggestions?

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              J Cellini Level 3

              It sounds like you've done just about everything I have would done. Any suggestions I make may have been tried already or may not work. Nevertheless, I will make a few (maybe we will get lucky).


              The first thing I would do is to try to upload my files with another ftp application like Filezilla. When I was using DW8 a couple of years ago, I would sometimes have ftp problems. It's a free download and works great. If files upload successfully with Filezilla, you know that it's definitely a Dreamweaver problem.


              It does sound like it may be a corrupt file or a conflict with some other software. Have you tried disabling your firewall or even your anti-virus software?


              Have you tried removing your site from Dreamweaver and then defining a new site?


              If none of these suggestions work, at least we got your question moved on the ladder and someone more technically savvy may respond.

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                JEofVA Level 1

                I just wanted to let you know that something you said worked, but I'm not precisely sure what.


                In your answer you mentioned trying Filezilla to test the FTP settings, which I did early on using WS-FTP.  I tried it again to verify my previous results (new password since the last time), and it still worked.  So then, to be thorough, I re-deleted the quarrelsome account, and set it up again for the 4th or 5th time.  However, this time I deliberately (don't ask me why) set it to an incorrect base folder on my harddrive.  Once I had created the FTP profile, I went back in and corrected the base address to what it was suppose to be.  When I did that it remapped all the files, and then.... voila'  it worked!  Makes no sense, but at least it worked.


                Thanks again for your assistance,



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                  J Cellini Level 3

                  I'm glad your day is turning out to be a good one!