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    Problem with Premiere Pro and Old School X3100


      Hi everyone,


      Got a problem here and really looking for help .  I know the intel 965 or X3100 chipset/GPU (in a Dell inspiron 1720 running Win 7 64 bit) is way old school, but as we're waiting for a couple of i7/i5 laptop upgrades, this is what I have to resort to for some minor mobile SD editing (nothing extreme but 15-30s short commercials). With the current Intel driver (, the preview monitors (source and sequence) do not work.  They're simply a blank frame (even after I render the sequence).  It seems to be the Intel drivers whooping my butt as there is no problems with the standard W7 WDDM 1.1 display driver, except the computer isn't stable with freezes on wake (and no OpenGL support in PS... which isn't a big deal).  I've also tried Vista 64 drivers in compatibility mode with no luck.


      The rest of the CS4 suite works great.  It is not the trial version and I've tried PP 4.0, 4.01, 4.1, 4.2, 4.2.1 (suggested by another post), and reinstallation.  I've also tried changing settings in the Intel drivers and... even modded 965 drivers.


      I know the X3100 is quite common (maybe not among PP users...) so any experience you might have would be awesome.  Maybe an older Intel driver?  If you can help me, I'll name my laptop after you!  ...unless you realize that could actually be an insult   Thanks!