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    RH Quirk (Part 1)

    V Jordan
      I’ve been working on topics in the TOC view (tab). When I switched to the Project view (tab) to edit a topic, the right pane displayed the original topic I was working in. So I tried opening a couple other topics from the Project tab, and there was no change. I then switched back to the TOC view and double-clicked another topic, it still displayed the original topic. My solution at this point was to save all information, then close and reopen the project file.
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          V Jordan,

          To sum up, you're saying that changes you made to topics while working from the TOC tab don't show up if you switch to the Project tab and work from there? Did your changes show up after you saved, closed, and reopened the project?

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            V Jordan Level 1
            Hi Ben,
            Before I closed and reopened, RH was stuck on the original topic that I was editing in the TOC view (tab). No matter what I double-clicked on, the original topic displayed.

            After I closed and reopened, the topics displayed normally and all my changes were there.