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    Switching Windows Highlights Code

    bearcatnat Level 1

      I frequently have 2 windows open in Dreamweaver - one with my page shown in Design view, and another working with the CSS stylesheet in code view. (Or I have the design view and code inspector open for a single page).


      My problem is when I switch between windows, moving from the design window to the code window (or inspector), rather than showing a cursor where I last stopped typing, the code view/inspector usually highlights the whole page of code! Therefore I have to scroll around and find where I was last working. This wastes a LOT of time. It seems to happen whether I click inside the window to switch, select the window title bar, or use the CTRL+tab shortcut to switch windows.


      Is there anything I'm doing wrong when switching windows? Or a setting I can change that will stop this from happening?

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Maybe I'm not understanding the problem correctly? Are you on dual monitors?


          Have you tried setting your layout view to dual monitors?



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            bearcatnat Level 1

            Yes, I am using dual monitors, but it happens even with windows that are open side-by-side on just one monitor.


            It seems to be happening most when I have a page open in design view, plus a window for the sitewide CSS for this website. I've been working today on adding some more CSS rules to the sitewide CSS file. When I'm editing a rule, I'll switch to the design window to see how the edits I've just made in the CSS stylesheet look within the page.


            So for example, if I'm making changes to my style for h1 headings...I'll change the font size and color within the CSS stylesheet window. Then I switch to my webpage design window, to see if I like those changes. I decide I want to change to a different color. When I click on the CSS stylesheet window, it highlights all of the code, losing my spot where I was editing the h1 style. I have to scroll through the code to find the h1 style to resume editing.


            Hope that makes sense! If there is a better workflow than this, let me know! I'm a designer first, and a coder second - so I like SEEING my changes I make as I work.