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    Can't read processing instructions from XML

    Ian Proudfoot Level 4

      I am trying to read the contents of some XML processing instructions using this bit of JavaScript:


      var readXMLFile = XMLFile.read();

      var book = new XML (readXMLFile);


      var PIcontent = book.processingInstruction('pgw');


      This should return the content of the PI such as <?pgw 8.5i?> which would hopefully mean that PIcontent === '8.5i'.


      I thought I had found the source of the problem by using the static property XML.ignoreProcessingInstructions = false; but although that made the PI show up in book, it made no difference wth the handling of processing instructions.


      I also tried using xpath, but again with no luck.


      The cut-down XML looks like this:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "book.dtd">
      <book xml:lang="en">
          <?pgw 8.5i?>
          <?pgh 11i?>
          <?slug true?>

          <?info true?>
          <title>Example XML fragment</title>


      Thanks to anyone who may know what's going on here.