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    What is the current recommended screen resolution for projects/recordings?


      My team uses a wide variety of screen resolutions for their desktops, so we are trying to decide on a standard for Captivate projects and recordings.  Our projects need to be viewable by people using laptops and desktops, with a wide diversity in ages and eye site. What is the current recommendation for the size of the Captivate Project? 


      We had settled on 800x600, but since we use a Table of Contents on projects, it means that people using 1024x768 on their desktop have to scroll to the right to see the entire slide.  If we use 720x540, everything seems to fit fine. 


      On some web pages, I've seen 1024x768 recommended as the minimum resolution to develop for, but that seems to be a little dated now as more people are getting wide monitors. What minimum do you target (especially if you add a Table of Contents)?