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    A Flaw in Russian Localization



      While experimenting with PDF tools today, I had to uninstall and install again Adobe Reader 9. While the software was downloading, I noted a bad translation on the installation dialogue:

      Adobe Reader 9.3 Russian Localization Issue.PNG

      It reads "загрузить и проводка прогресс" which is a balderdash in Russian (something like "to download and wiring, progress"). Being a localization specialist I can guess that the original text was "Download and installation progress", but it is not evident to an everage user at all.


      Please also note that the freshly downloaded and installed Reader 9 suggested installing an update (to 9.3.1 - CPSID_50570) as soon as I started it. Do not you think that it would be more convenient for the users to have the latest version of the software available right away?