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    Distorting text/images in converting from pmd to pdf


      My company uses PageMaker 7.0 to create our manuals and brochures and then converts them into pdf's. I've run into this problem before and found that if I didn't properly place or import an image (not copy and paste an image or text) that once converting it into a pdf only a portion of the image would be there or everyother 3rd letter would exist. Thought we had corrected it. The creator of this last document saw everything correctly but when another employee opened the pdf file through the network it was distorted and wrong. I opened the document and "saved as" in my documents and then everything seemed fine from my computer but then the creator opened the file on his computer and it was wrong. The link info on some of the images is wrong even though it was placed properly- the text was entered in Pagemaker but on the pdf is missing letters and causing odd spacing. I'm at a loss now on how to correct this. I hate to upgrade when pagemaker is more than sufficient for the basic manuals we do. I did notice that I was using Reader 9 wheras they still had 8 on their computers- already had them upgrade but didn't think this would be a real issue. Any ideas on the problem or how to correct would be greatly appreciated!!