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    AIR2 not in FB4 ?




      I am upgrading AIR2 app from FB4 beta2 to FB4 GA.


      It used to compile and work fine in Beta2,

      but now FB4 GA compiler gives error:

      1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: NativeProcess


      Does it mean that final AIR2 is NOT included with final FB4 ?


      And I can not find final AIR2 on Adobe site.

      Is AIR2 still in beta2 ?


      That would be weird, why rush with FB4 if that is not ready...





      P.S.: I am still pissed off that Adobe FB4 Premium includes Eclipse Ganymede for standard Java,

      not Galileo with JavaEE.  How about Web Services and other things Enterprise features.

      What are these marketing people with FlashBuilder and other blunders !..