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    CS4 Problem with background colors



      I recently upgraded to Dreamweaver CS4 from CS3. Since the the upgrade I am having a problem with setting background colors for divs. I can not get them to appear.  I use a PC, and am not using any programming on this job other than xhtml and css. I created a div named " main_content" so that I could change the background color. The div is written into the xhtml as usual and color is listed in the CSS file as it should be and the CSS file is attached to the html page as is normal, but no color appears.

      For clairity, this is how it is set up,

                                                                    <div id="main_content">Content goes here</div><!--main_content-->

      In the CSS file is is written like this,

                                                                   #main_content { background-color: #e1e1d6;


      This has always worked before, is there a glitch or something in CS4 that I need to work around?  I would be grateful for help in solving this problem.


      Thank You,