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    General Dreamweaver complaint


      OK. It's been a while since I've complained about Dreamweaver but I've been working with it a lot and I just have to complain about it because it is so crappy.


      1. Inconsistent behavior - Generally I find it's behavior inconsistent and way too Windows centric and Very Un Mac like in its "Sudo" finder.


      2. Pallets - Currently the Pallets are never in the same place when I re open DW and behave poorly when DW is open.


      3.Search and replace - One of the most irratic feature. It just quits working after a while. Sometimes restarting DW helps and sometimes it doesn't. A real time waster.


      4. And it crashes A LOT


      It seems to me that the code is just unstable. My system is relatively "fresh" and the laptop is about a year old.


      Why don't I stop using it? Trust me. I'm looking for a better software alternative. Just because I haven't found anything "better" doesn't by default make the DW good or even the best. It just means that I haven't found anything that sucks less than DW.