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    Button question


      I'm using an thumbnail image as a button for my gallerys and I want when on each image for that thumbnail to be at 100% opacity and all the other states of the button to be at 50%.


      When I choose the "Down" option and assign that as 100% it only goes to 100 when I am actually clicking it. How would I make it so that it is 100% while the corresponding image is actually still showing?



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          Dragotro Level 1

          another question about the buttons.


          i'm finding that when I choose the "over" option the button switches to "over" and then stays that way as opposed to what i'd expect which would be for it to only go to that state while i'm hovering over the button... is this correct?

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            Bear Travis Adobe Employee



            Because Buttons change state based on mouse interaction, they are probably not the best choice for your desired behavior. I would recommend either using a custom component similar to Button, which you specify the interactions and states for, or using a DataList, where you can adjust the opacity of the Repeated Item in the Selected / Deselected states. You can also link the images to display from the "On Select" interaction.


            Personally, as long as you have a somewhat linear arrangement of thumbnails, I would suggest using the DataList approach.