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    Paragraph indent problems....


      Currently using RH8 to editing/update a project created using RH7.  Topics were originally imported Word Docs.  When using a bulleted or numbered list, having trouble with indentation when paragraph goes to second and successive lines.  Sorry if this is long-winded but I did not know how else to explain the issue.


      The view below is how the paragraph (#4) shows up in the Design Editor.



      Next view is how it shows up when you choose View Topic from the Topic list, which looks OK:




      Last view is how the web (or client..) sees it....




      The margin for paragraph #4 has slid to the left, which I cannot explain or correct.  If paragraph is only one line the issue can be resolved by using a Hanging Indent.. which corrects the left hand margin shift.  BUT if the paragraph is more than one line.. the Hanging Indent leaves the second line indented as shown below.  (also having same issue with bulleted paragraphs... see below #6 above)