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    Triggering CollectionEventKind.MOVE in ArrayCollection


      Hello all!


      I'm trying to figure out how to move an item in a dataProvider (ArrayCollection) -

      i can't seem to find any methods on the ArrayCollection itself for moving items.


      What i'm trying to do is move an item, at trigger the CollectionEventKind.MOVE event,

      when i move the item.



      Any suggestions are apperciated



      Kindly Regards



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          ArrayCollection extends ListCollectionView.  ListCollectionView takes an

          Ilist, the default being ArrayList for ArrayCollection.  LCV will only

          dispatch a MOVE if the underlying Ilist dispatches one when mutated in some



          Because there are no Ilist APIs for moving things around in an Ilist, you

          won't ever see a MOVE coming from ArrayCollection.  But you can when LCV is

          a view on a DataList from LCDS and the server-side indicates a MOVE.