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    Forcing a canvas to draw off screen for printing.


      I have a process where I am trying to print a canvas that has not yet been shown.   So basically how do I force it to draw it's components without displaying it to the user.  If I add it to the print job it is blank.. If I first display it visually on the screen it is printed.  But only the visble portion is printed.. I have read up on printing and I understand why only the visble range is printed, but I would like to draw a custom sized canvas and then just print it..


      I have spent a couple of days on this and I feel like I am just missing something.


      I would like to do something like following:


      1.  Grab my canvas object

      2.  Set the height and width;

      3.  Instantiate the drawing routine.

      4.  Add it to the printJob.


      Thanks in advance.