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    PP won't prerender or export via AME.


      System specs:


      AMD Quad Core 965 @3.8ghz

      DDR3 1400MHZ 4gb

      2tb of space

      Win 7 Pro 64bit

      ATI Radeon 4870 1gb


      The problem is, which just started happening recently.  If I press "enter" to prerender my clips, it works then at about 50%, it just freezes.  I don't really need to prerender my clips as my computer can play the clips smoothly.  The clips are from a Canon 7D at 720p 60fps and from a SD940 at 30fps.  Converted using Mpegstreamclip to Avid DNxHD clips to make it easier for the NLE to edit.


      If I try to export my sequence, the same problem occurs no matter which format I use... but use AME, it will get to about 75% and then freeze when an "Unknown error"


      It was working fine.. the only thing that I can think of that has changed is, I added some Magic Bullet looks effects to all the clips inside PP. 


      I guess I could try to remove all the effects and see if that works?  If anyone has any insight to why prerender would just freeze and why AME would just freeze as well would be greatly appreciated!