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    Adobe Reader not reading PDF files after update


      I am running Vista and IE 7 on my computer.  I updated to Reader 9.3.1 after a pop-up screen came on my computer screen today...big mistake, I guess.  After the update downloaded, a brief message said that there was a problem with the installation, then that message disappeared and a successful installation message appeared.  After the installation, I couldn't open pdf files  while on IE or the ones on my hard drive.  When I'm on IE, a message appears asking me if I "want to save this file or find a program online to open it."  When I try to open a pdf file from my hard drive, I get this message--"Choose the program that you want to use to open this file."  I have contacted Adobe and also searched through many threads on the Adobe forum, but haven't found my exact problem.  Any help would be appreciated.