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    Air File is Damaged

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      Went to start Adobe Acrobat and it won't start, pops up with I need to update Air first. But when you click to update, an error is reported that "the air file is damaged."


      So I downloaded the latest Air from Adobe.com and ran install, no problems installing it. However, the error is still reported when starting Acrobat.


      So I used Windows Control Panel to uninstall Air, and reinstalled it, all went OK again.


      But Acrobat still won't start, the popup appears saying Air must be updated, followed by "the air file is damaged."  I also tried uninstalling then installing Air from the C:/programs/adobe folder since some others on boards say that worked. Didn't work for me.


      I've tried calling Adobe tech support, on the phone 1 hour waiting with no one answering, before I ran out of time and had to hang up. I tried calling a second time, and after anotherr hour of waiting, ran out of time again.


      I suspect the problem is due to a recent auto update from Adobe? My system was running fine on Windows 7 since last year, and there have been no real changes on my PC. It's just recently that Acrobat won't work. Adobe Media Player is running fine, and I know it uses AIR, so I suspect Air is working ok.


      I'm running CS4 Web Premium and Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 on Windows 7, no issues until this Air bug popped up. I do recall getting a recent Adobe auto-update though.


      Any suggestions on what to try next?


      Jonathan, developer