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    Why is my signed signatures.xml so much larger than unsigned.


      Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me out.  We purchased a certificate to sign our AIR files and the air installer has increased in size from 373kB to 894kB.  The only difference is the signatures.xml file.  When compiled with the unsigned cert this file is about 7k, but using the signed certificate it is a whopping 1.3MB!  Over half our air file size is from the signatures.xml file.   I know this isn't the case for all signed certificates, I downloaded the ebay air file and it's signatures.xml file is about 140K.  That's a size I can live with since it probably compresses to at least half that size.


      Does anyone know what's going on here and can help me figure out how to get this file under control?  Any help will be apprecieated.