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    Advice in the beginning of a project


      Good afternoon, good people around the World.


      I´m here searching for advice and guidance, to start a new project at my office.


      I work in a center of study that have our classes immersed in multimedia interaction. We have worked, until now, with another enterprise, that developed the lessons that we use (basically in Toolbox).


      To this year, we want to develop our personal courses to offer to our students. To this, we have a team that have studied and exceed in Adobe Captivate. We have, right now, 2 courses finished using Captivate - interactive lessons, and quizzes;


      Now, we need to develop the security of our courses, and we are thinking seriously in AIR to do this (Adobe integration, after all); what we need to develop, is:


      - an application where we create a database with the student info (name, birth date, course, # of lesson, etc), and store it in a floppy disk or in a local server;

      - another application that have a "course menu", where it analyze the database of the student; and liberate to him only the specific lesson or quizz that he don´t have studied yet, blocking the future lessons; so, this application lauchs the Captivate .swf or .exe (whas was more easy to do), and, when the student hit the final slide of the lesson (or is aproved in the quizz), the application store the result in his database (be it on floppy or in the local server), and so, liberate to the student the next lesson or quizz, and so on....





      - We can achieve this in AIR?

      - If yes, could someone give me a helping hand showing me the steps and workarounds to do this? I´m a brand new boy in AS3, and I start to study AIR right now;

      - We are using Flash CS4 and AIR, because we want to make our lessons more rich with Flash-made content;


      Sorry for the bad english (it´s not my native language), and I will wait eagerly for any help;


      Thanks in advance,


      Yuri S. Peixoto