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    Trouble with Adobe Reader 9.3


      Website form will not open for printing.  Using Adobe Reader 9.3.1. When selecting the form to be printed it tries to download but halts at about 50% in the progress bar.  In about 2 minutes a block appears telling me to quit Adobe Reader and try again.  What's going on here?   This started just in the last couple of days.  Haven't had this trouble before. Using IE 8 browser.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Try downloading the file (right-click on the url), then open directly in Reader.

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            ronkalin Level 1



            I tried your suggestion of right clicking on the file.  It won't let me do

            this.   Still doesn't work.


            This is a selection button at the bottom of a form that when you click on

            it, it will open the print screen.  This has worked perfectly for ever since

            the website put this into being.  All of a sudden it stops working a few

            days ago.


            I sometimes can get it going by dumping adobe reader from the computer,

            then reloading.  It will let (maybe) me print about two forms then it quits

            (stalls) again.  I have a deadline to meet by this Friday and really need

            this option of printing these envelopes  (forms).


            I have not changed anything, nor added anything to my system.