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    fancy window borders optional


      The decision to override the standard windows system window-border in the latest version of Photoshop was, in my opinion, a mistake.


      I see what you're trying to do - saving screen real-estate by packing controls into the window border.


      It's a valid objective - but as a software developer, I have to say, it's generally very bad practice to suppress operating system features that any user expects to find in any windows application.


      There's a couple of reasons why I find this addition super annoying:


      The close, minimize and maximize icons aren't in their usual location - this may seem like a very small oversight, but there's a reason why the close icon is located where it is in standard windows borders... when you drag the mouse to the upper-right pixel of the screen, and an application is maximized, any application can be closed with minimal aiming for the icons, because the mouse can slide against the top edge of the screen and all the buttons can still be hit.


      Try placing a stack of maximized application windows on top of each other, then repeatedly click to minimize them - won't work when you get to Photoshop.


      As a long-time professional windows user, who works with many open applications, I have my own personal workflow. I use an operating-system extension that lets me minimize any windows application to the system tray, by right-clicking the minimize icon of any application. This is useful, because the taskbar fills up with many running applications - for something like Photoshop, used for maybe 10% of my daily work, but many times per day, I need to keep it running without impeding my workflow, so I minimize it to the system tray, where it's out of the way until I need it.


      Granted, these are all minor annoyances - but the addition of these fancy borders interferes with my workflow, and I would very much like to see an option to turn this feature off.


      Or at least rig the minimize, maximize and close icons to emulate the standard windows event chain, so that Photoshop remains compatible with applications that enhance windows system features.


      Please consider these implications seriously.


      / Disgruntled CS4 user