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    Saving parts of projects


      Ok friends of the PRe8-challenged....


      As you know (at least some of you), I am using Elements Premiere 8 and struggling with some of the software "features". The worst one of these (not counting the occassional surprise siesta) is that in video editing, an insertion or a stretch, often creates breaks on the timeline, in the other resources, such as video overlays, or soundtracks. (it adds new scene markers too) The odd thing is the pieces are complete clones of the original, each can now be stretched to fill the space left if you delete either of the two pieces, yet you can't join them to re-create the parent! Isn't there a type of worm (planarian flatworm, I think) that does this, will grow a new head or tail on the two pieces after being cut? Anyway, after several edits, and I am doing BMP animations so there are tons of them, you end up with a pile of snipits on each audio and overlay track. It's really difficult to fix. This is a software megaproblem, that Adobe really needs to look at. Since you can't permanently connect or assemble pieces, it happens repeatedly.


      Anyway, I hope the solution for me, while creating 9 scenes, would be to create each scene, then save it, then import all 9 into a master video, right? So the question is, how to do that?


      Assuming I create a 720 x 480 (essentially NTSC) video "clip", from my video and BMP sequences with audio, do I export it as an uncompressed AVI to retain best image quality? How do I do that (or whatever is best)? And do I just import them as digital videos as if from a camera?


      My guess is that would at least break my project into manageable pieces, prevent edits from trashing subsequent video and audio on the timeline and allow me to just paste the pieces together, even replacing one later if I do a better edit?


      Please Help........

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Have we talked you into picking up my book yet, where? The answers to your questions are all in there -- and if your logon means anything, it's definitel the manual you're looking for.


          The interruptions you're seeing when you add clips are the results of timeline rippling. To override it, hold down the Ctrl key as you add your new clips on parallel tracks and the other clips will not split in the middle when you add them.


          As for how to output parts of your video to combine into a master mix, that's in the book -- as well as in the FAQs I've assembled to the right of this forum.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I would like to second Steve's book. Almost everything that one would want to do, is in it. For the rest, there is Muvipix and this forum.


            Good luck,




            PS - since Scene and Menu Markers are tied to the Timeline, I strongly recommend NOT adding them, until one is totally satisfied with the edits.


            I am also a really big fan of not adding my Soundtrack, until all editing is finished. However, I am also not editing music videos. Were I, I'd use a slightly different workflow.

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              whereisthemanual Level 1

              While the book and the other forums are great suggestions, I am currently dealing with an absolutely critical deadline. Honestly, I had no clue what I was getting into, even though as stated before, I do a great job audio editing. This is a far more complex task, hindered by software that is really not ready for primetime, in my book.


              While powerful and perhaps not intended for my end use, I didn't know this and Adobe's advertising certainly doesn't tell you to expect crashes that either

              alter files or delete them completely. The incorrect error messages sent me on a 3-day wild goosechase for a DVD burner problem I didn't have, because of a hidden 1-frame video gap!. That said, I have made a commitment I cannot get out of, that will have grave consequences if I blow it. And with all your help, I have found many work-arounds that work.


              So the help in this forum, with Bill's (and a few others) answers has been invaluable. And Steve's comment on how to avoid time-rippling (is this somehow a FEATURE?) will help a lot. I realize I should have taken a month to read your book and all the forums FIRST, but Adobe's marketing led me to believe I could jump right in, which was a requirement of my task.


              So, where do I get the book?

              And in the meanwhile, I must proceed as I have done, with a periodic, sometimes dumb question, in the quest for completion of this critical project.


              Thanks Guys,


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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Links to most of Steve's books can be found at Muvipix. It is a multi-tiered site as well. There is a very good and active forum ("Community") there, and one can read/post as a guest. For a free sign-up, one has total access to the fora, plus they have direct access to additional materials, like many of the articles, and some Functional Content, like original music, motion backgrounds, Menus for DVD, etc., and the rest is available at a nominal price. With a subscription, one has total access to everything, except the books, of course. It took me about 30 sec., to do the math and realize that for a subscription, and a half-day of downloading, I had a great "deal," and a lot of very useful material. It was a no-brainer for me.


                As for the Ripple Edits, the developers of PrE thought that would be the most likely use for PrE's install-base. Actually, PrPro (PrE's big-brother), it is just the opposite - one MUST hold down Ctrl to GET Ripple Editing. As I use both programs, I have to keep in mind, which program I am in.


                Do not hesitate to ask any question, should you run against a issue. We're usually pretty quick around here. The more info that you can provide, should you encounter a problem, the easier and quicker it will be for us to help. It saves the Twenty Questions, that often are necessary intermediate steps. The more we have to work with, the quicker the answer will be.


                Also, it might be best to post each question separately. If one needs to refer to a previous thread, for say Project info, that is easily done with the A w/ the chain (links) icon on the editing screen. I use this all the time to reference Articles that will help.


                Good luck,




                PS - I really feel that Adobe should have included a comprehensive manual with PrE, but then they did not ask me. However, Steve, and a few other authors, have filled that need well. It just takes a little time to get the books ordered and delivered.

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  whereisthemanual wrote:


                  (it adds new scene markers too)

                  Scene markers are fixed to time not clips. If you delete or insert a clip the scene marker stays at the same time.


                  This may give the impression that a new scene marker has been created because it appears in an 'unexpected place'.


                  Example: You set a scene marker at six minutes. You insert a new two minute clip at the front. The scene marker stays at six minutes but the clip you originally assigned it to now starts at the eight minute mark.


                  Therefore it is good practice to make scene markers one of the last workflow activities you undertake.


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                    whereisthemanual Level 1

                    Hi Neale,

                    No, my problem really was numerous additional markers.Probably a bug related to something unusual I was doing, but history.  A file with 9, got up to around 25 before I looked up and saw them. This after only a few edits! In any event, I have taken to heart the comments of you and Bill re the scene markers. I have removed them, and will not use them at all till the final compilation.


                    And I have figured our the scene saving (actually very easy) so I will do a scene at a time and stop banging my head against a wall every time I insert another animation frame. THAT was getting painful ! This makes SO much sense.


                    And if I didn't mention it in the other forum, thanks for the stretched bitmap overlay to get the copyright watermark at the bottom of my screen (I think it was you). That is clearly the easiest way to get that effect...awesome.


                    You guys are great!


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                      whereisthemanual Level 1

                      OK Guys,

                      Except for even more crashes, the work on and save a scene at a time is the ONLY way to fly! No timeline surprises and I canedit a scene, reassemble all the scenes and do a burn in no time at all.


                      I consider this subject answered & closed.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Good news, except for those crashes.


                        Before you get too far along with the "Master Project," please post to a new thread, and state your system details in full, and any error messages, etc. There are probably proceedures that can be done to improve things.


                        I've got a few "starting points," that I will be glad to share in that thread. We should be able to eliminate most, if not all crashes.


                        Good luck,