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    no video



        I have a customer who just got a new computer, Asus P6T w/ i7 920, 8Gb RAM, Windows 7 64bit Ultimate, and Adobe Production Premium CS4.


      They have 3 firewire devices, JVC SR-DVM700 MiniDV/HDD/DVD combo, ADS Pyro Analog/Firewire convertor and a Panasonic DVD-R with firewire.


      the motherboard has only one firewire connector, so I added a 3 port card to the system.


      With everything plugged in, it all appears in device manager under imaging devices.


      When I go into Premiere Pro CS4, create a project and start capture, I don't see anywhere to switch inputs.  It seems to always go to the JVC MiniDV.


      I dubbed a DVD to the HDD on the JVC and in the capture window I am not getting any audio/video stream the controls are working though.

      No audio/video stream from the ADS either.  (I unplug everthing else to test)


      It looks like a codec issue.


      Any suggestions?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          I added a 3 port card to the system.


          How many separate FW controller chips does this card have?


          PrPro has major issues with more than one device plugged into one controller chip. This means that if the card uses the MoBo's single, or double chip, you get only one FW device, or two, if it has separate chips. If the card is just ports, hooked into a bus that feeds to the MoBo's chip(s), you are still limited.


          Good luck,



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            JoeKnowsIT Level 1

            The P6T motherboard has VIA® VT6308 controller for



            I added a PCI card (with a LSI chipset) with 3 ports on it.  Giving me 4 in total.


            I plugged the JVC into the motherboard 1394 port and the ADS Pryo into the PCI card.


            still no video from anything but the JVC miniDV.  I did try switching the cables around.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              For the ADS Pyro, I would suggest posting to Muvipix. There fora are "Community." Not sure which sub-forum would be best, but the PrPro is pretty active, as is the Hardware forum. The reason that I suggest this is that many people there use that particular A-D bridge, and know it well. There is also some correspondence between a few of the subscribers and the developer.


              Now, Muvipix is a multi-tier site. The fora are open to post and read as a "guest." For a sign-up, one gets several Learning Series, articles and some Functional Content. For a subscription, one gets everything. Since sign-up is free, I'd just go that route. Lot of good people over there.


              Since you have hooked two devices to separate chips, and are not daisy-chaining, that should answer the question about multiple devices on one chip.


              One question: if you swap the devices around, does the Pyro still have that issue? You say that you switched the cables, but I am not clear whether this was a cable only swap, or a device to port swap.


              Good luck,



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                JoeKnowsIT Level 1

                Sorry Bill,

                  you're right I didn't explain that very well.


                I did try the ADS and JVC with different cables and on both controllers.  with the same results.


                I am thinking of changing the PCI firewire card.  It could be an issue that the firewire card is working in Type 2 and the ADS and other functions on the JVC are in type 1 (for example, it could be the other way around).


                Where in Premiere CS4 do I change the capture source?



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thanks for the clarification on the cables. I thought that was what you had done in testing, but wanted to make sure.


                  As far as the Capture Source, when the FW connected device is recognized by Windows, if it can be used for Capture by PrPro will let you choose it. Now, sometimes, one might have to choose a generic camera, or a similar model. As for setting this, see Edit>Preferences>Capture and >Device Control.


                  Good luck,