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    Short stutter when moving timeline


      When moving titles/video/audio streams in the timeline my entire system will freeze for several seconds (up to 30). With no remark in any event logs.


      Thus far I've not been able to find any correlation between the 'stutter' and any other system settings.

      It happens regardless of project size or complexity.

      It occurs the same with the system startup cleared of all but the bare essentials.

      Happens the same with new projects and fresh video.

      No noticeable increase in memory useage (1.5gb out of ~3gb free)

      No abnormal disk read/write to any of the 3 drives, including the scratch drive.

      Processor usage remains stable at under 60% per core whether its frozen or not.

      Reoccurs even after rendering and exporting the completed project.


      The computer is a Dell Optiplex 780

           Windows XP 32bit (upgrading to Win7 - 64bit later this year)

           Core2Quad Q9650,

           4Gigs of DDR3 (32bit OS can use 3Gigs of that)

           Nvidia Quadro NVS 420 graphics card

           3 Hard Drives, 160GB operating system, 80GB Scratch and 500GB for Storage


      I've also disabled processor speedstep and c-state control at the bios level. Either has been found to cause slight stuttering on video playback.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm all out of ideas on this one.