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    The Ultimate Hardware for Premiere CS4?


      I just upgraded to Windows 7 64 bit and CS4.

      I've been using CS3 for over a year but wanted to get more speed and the ability to use the Matrox MX02 LE.


      My system really slows down when I need to render 2 or more video tracks. Sometimes I like to use 8 or more video tracks with effects and it really slows down.  If I try to use Boris Red it even slows down more (unusable). I really want to increase my render times and make a "somkin fast" system.


      I'm currently running a single- "dual Core" AMD 2.8 with 8 gig of ram. My storage drives are 2 -1TB sata 7200rpm striped together raid 0.


      Is anyone running quad core...or dual quad core with 12 or more gig of ram?  Is your render time acceptable and can you use Boris Red effectively?


      What should I spend money on and is it worth it?


      Thank you for your input and advise!