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    LiveCycle 8.2 benchmarking results?


      1. Are there any benchmarking results for Livecycle 8.2 on Microsoft Windows Server(s)?

      In particular for PDF Generation operations.


      2. Assembler Service Documentaion  states:

      The Assembler service can assemble documents from one or more source documents. It supports several options for specifying source documents. Beginning with LiveCycle ES 8.2, the non-PDF documents can used as PDF source documents. Assembler service automatically converts such documents to PDF documents. The Assembler service performs the conversion by using the Generate PDF service. The PDFGenerationSettings element specifies conversion parameters.



      Q2) What fraction of time is spent in conversion and merging, respectively?

      Q3) What is an optimum workload for the assembler operation that does convert+merge?

      Q4) What are the limits for LiveCycle 8.2 in terms of:

                - max number of docs that can be converted and merged at one time

                - max total size of docs to be converted and merged at one time



      Thank you