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    If and Else Statements?


      Okay first off keep in mind I am using Macromeida Flash Professional 8 (ActionScript 2).



      So right now I have a fly-out menu. On the rollover of a button a movie clip (hairtray2) zooms and fades in. Within the movie clip (hairtray2) there is a movie clip (tester2). The "tester2" movie clip has

      on (press) {

      startDrag ("");


      on (release) {

      stopDrag ();


      in its actions.



      How do i make tester2 stay when its is dragged off hairtray2 but zoom back with hairtray2 when it is still on it?



      This is my ActionScrip right now:

      import mx.transitions.Tween;

      import mx.transitions.easings.*;


      var startX:Number = hairtray2._x;

      var hairtrayf:Tween;

      var hairtraym:Tween;


      hairbtn.onRollOver = function  () {

                hairtrayf = new Tween(hairtray2,"_alpha",Regular.easeOut,0,100,12,false);

                hairtraym = new Tween(hairtray2,"_x",Regular.easeOut,startX,startX+650,6,false);



      topsbtn.onRollOver = function  () {

                if(hairtray2._alpha > 0) {



                          hairtray2._alpha = 0;

                          hairtray2._x = startX;




      I really need this problem resolved. Here is my current movie: