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    Add Video to Site. Looking for basic tutorials


      Thanks to a lot of help from this forum I have cobbled together a reasonable web site. Now I am adding some video and am confused as to some best practices.


      I have had some reels of 8mm film converted to digital and are now individual *.mov files. Using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 I have edited and posted some clips but the more I read the more I wonder if I am doing it right... or best.

      1. FPS.. my *.mov files are at 15 FPS. Premier Pro does not have a 15 fps setting that I can find. Some place I was advised that for displaying on the web 15 fps is more than adequate, more is overkill and makes for a much larger file.
      2. Premiere Pro will do the job.. but some books say Adobe Flash can be used as well.
      3. Exporting.. SWF; FLV; F4V; Quicktime; AVI..........


      So.. Can anyone advise on some tutorials that deal with the basics and best practice of adding video to a web site.


      Thank you for your time