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    Sound Functions on button presses

    xcmuddman Level 1
      Hi All,

      i will be adding some sound "beeps" (most likely 2 second  audibles) that will play when a user hits a button etc.


      is it better to have them load/play by delegating a button press to them?


      I am concerned about how the timeline can get bogged down and i want them to play only when prompted by a button press for a certain amount of time (eg. 2seconds etc.)  --- not governed by the timeline...


      Also if the user moves  backward on the timeline i wont want the sound to play... so more like  when they press a button i will need it to play...


      do you have  any suggestions on this?




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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          add the sound to your library, assign a linkage id and use the sound class to attach your sound.  play it when your button is clicked.

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            as i understood you want to play a beep when you press a button...

            if im right, do the following:

            - add the sound to your library

            - make a button, or use a premade one...

            - double click on the button to edit it

            - so now you should see 4 frames: Up(when button does nothing, just stands), Over(when you go over the button with the pointer), Down(when you click it), Hit(clicked)

            - i guess the best would be to put the sound in 'Down' frame so it plays when clicked

                          adding the sound - just drag and drop the sound from library to frame 3...


            i hope i helped, if not reply me and ill try to explain again...