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    Codify Template 02 Div insertion Issue


      I'm experiencing a similar problem  as the AP Div? post, but the fix provided didn't help at all.  I'm using the Codify  dreamweaver template #02 located here.   I'm attempting to use the emptry region underneath the navigation bar. I  can't seem to do it with div's, apdiv's or anything else for that  matter.


      All  my attempts have looked good in dreamweaver live view but jumped around  when previewed on a larger screen. I need the region to be fluid, to  move with the template instead of bouncing around. I'm too new to div's  and this learning experience has stumped me.


      If someone can take a look at  the template at the link and instruct me on how to  add an editable  region to the template directly under that navigation  bar, I would  greatly appreciate it.