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    Text updated in build; style not


      First, a generic thank you for quick, helpful replies to a few recent cries for help.

      Here's a confounding issue (at least to me):

      When I look at my online Help in the latest applicaton build, not every change "took," as it were. Every text change made it, and some topic pages I deleted were -- well, deleted. Yet a couple of other deleted topic pages remain in the TOC. I made color and font changes to the skin -- those aren't showing. I excluded an index in my latest compile -- the index is still there. And changes I made to some of the heading and font styles aren't reflected, either.

      I made all of the visual changes simultaneously with or before the text changes that did are reflected in the build. My revised help compiles flawlessly, and when I use a browser to open up the latest .htm file directly from its Perforce file repository, it looks grand, precisely as I designed it.

      Any ideas? Do you think this is a build issue, a RoboHelp issue, or an operator error issue?

      FYI, I'm using RH7 HTML, running Windows XP, checking files into and out of the Perforce configuration management system, and my output is WebHelp.

      Thanks once again.


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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jerry

          I've worked in a few environments where the final WebHelp output was copied to a different server. I copied it to a "staging" server and an automatic process copied it to the production server. In some cases, you will find multiple production servers with different update intervals. As a result, any changes could take sometimes hours to eventually show up across all servers.

          Just a thought... Rick
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            Ben Minson Level 2

            I have seen this happen a couple of times myself, where only some of the changes I checked in to our code repository were showing up in the builds. It looked like a build problem. If you have waited as Rick suggested and still see old and new showing up together, try one or both of these:

            1. Have the person who oversees the build processes wipe the build clean and rerun it. This is speaking of a development build or test build if you have these environments.

            2. If you can remove all your files from the repository, do so, then check them all in again.

            Hope this helps,