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    4500x290 Composition Crashes on Render

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      I have a 4500x290 composition that is a scaled down version of a 15000x1000 composition, that is made by stitching nine compositions of 2k resolution video together.  There is some sky replacement (Primatte keyer, track mattes), color correction, lens flares, rotoscoping (lots of masks).  I'm rendering out at 4500 because my computer just can't handle the bigger one.  I was able to successfully render out a 4500 version before, but have since changed the memory/processing settings and haven't been able to successfully render out an image sequence since. I get the all too familiar error message, "could not create image buffer, blah blah". I've been rendering out a jpeg sequence at a quality of 5.  I've turned on the purge after every frame secret pref, turned off open gl, updated to 9.02, set the amount of cpu's allocated to AE to 4 out of 8.  So far, I can only get about 30 frames before it crashes, and it takes about an hour to get that far.  I'm going to try some more settings tomorrow, but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions.  I'm on frame 4500 out of 8000!


      If I can't get AE to get through more frames without crashing (like rendering for a day straight) then I may end up trying to pre-render each individual camera composition at it's 2k resolution, then laying that back into my precomps and see if AE can handle that.



      Harrison Lee


      AE CS4
      Mac OSX - 10.6
      2x2.93 GFz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
      16 GB 1066 MHz DDR3

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          but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions.


          Yeah, buy a PC. Can't help but feel that OSX is stuck in the land of suck ever since 10.6. Since you probably won't be able to do that, I would suggest you use a different image format to render. JPEG compression can be memory intensive, so AE may be able to actually render the frame, but then exhaust memory when writing the file. Use TIFFs or TGAs without compression or even PSDs. there are enough image viewing and conversion programs that can give you a JPEG version afterwards using batch conversion (Graphics Converter, XnView etc.) or you batch it in Photoshop. I would also try to render RAM previews with the disk cache on. Oddly enough, often this works and you could then use the Save RAM preview feature to save chunks of your work. just make sure to change the Output modulke template beforehand...



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            I'll try rendering out a tiff sequence in the morning. Never thought about jpeg having to compress being a processing hog. The RAM Preview option is a good one as well.  Maybe find an intern to sit there all day and keep on RAM previewing.




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              I tried rendering a TIFF sequence as opposed to a JPEG, and it actually crashed sooner than with the JPEG.  The RAM preview suggestion is a good one, but unfortunately I don't have the man-power to have someone sitting there to keep RAM previewing.  I decided to render out a bunch of my effects heavy pre-comps, soon I'll lay those back in and see if AE can get through the render without crashing.