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    Drawn pencil paths disappear intermittently: Ai CS4


      Ai CS4 on Mac using OSX 10.4.11


      I have selected: Fill new pencil strokes, Keep Selected, Edit paths (set at 12pt). Don't know why the pencil paths keep disappearing, and the width size keeps on being deleted evey time I use selection tool.


      Another problem: for some reason cannot load more than one custom bursh into brushes even after it has been saved: the file name appears but the burshes do not. The custom brushes are drawn in Ai using paths and then saved in brushes. Can anyone suggest anything that I might need to do?


      I've cleared out the Settings folder on my Mac as I was advised to do this, but could not locate  Adobe Library folder (even after Find was used).


      Any suggestions or solutions to the above?