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    Director Memory


      Hi, it's me again,


      I have all these questions because I am returning to Director after some years. Here's my latest.


      I am making art with Director. I do stuff on the stage, and then I capture it and save it as a bitmap file using this code, using the DirectImage Xtra:

      on getStage
        Image=new (Xtra "DirectImage", 0) 

        newMember = new(#bitmap)
        newMember.image = _movie.stage.image
        imageLoadFromMember (image, newMember)
        if (the result) then
          put "Error loading image cast member: "& the result
          imageSaveToFile (image, the moviePath&"Wallpaper.bmp", 100, 1, 1)
        end if


      Here's my problem. I want to make big art that I can print out on a big sheet of paper, so my stage is set to 10800 x 10800. This makes a big bitmap file that Director cannot seem to handle. When it gets to the piece of code newMember.image = _movie.stage.image, I get this error:


      Script error: Error


      newMember.image = _movie.stage.image



      This is obviously a memory error. My question: what's the best way to increase? Would it work if I just added a bunch more RAM? Also, what's the meaning of the number?


      Thanks for any help.