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    Problems with CS4 swf's

    anewson Level 1

      Hi, can anyone shed some light on this problem?


      I have a site that was built in Flash CS3, and has always displayed as it should do. I recently upgraded to Flash CS4 and now if I simply open the main flash file and save it (without touching any code), and export and replace the swf file, when I view it in my browser, all the content is out of position within the page. (The file I'm re-saving is called into another flash swf that acts as a placeholder).


      The weird thing is, I've even re-installed CS3 on another machine, and gone back to back-up's as I wondered if I had changed something within the file without realising. But whether CS3 or CS4, they act in the same incorrect way.


      I have the latest flash player installed, and this happens on IE8, Firefox and Chrome. (Which are the browsers I have installed).


      I'm pulling my hair out, and there's not much left in the first place. Any help would be really appreciated.


      Thank you in advance.