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    Nested Sequence only displays partial video

    llaferte Level 1

      I'm using CS4.  I have a series of projects each containing nested sequences.  Until now this has been great, but on one - and only one - project one of the sequences, when nested in another only displays a small segment of the video.  The audio is fine.  Seq#1 and 2 are both 01:11:40:12 long.  When Seq#1&2 are nested in Seq#3, #2 looks fine both audio and video #1 audio is fine but only a small fraction of the video is nested. This video starts at 00:10:33:11 in #3 and runs for only 00:03:45:17, and the video that does appear is at the correct time in and out.


      My work-around has been to render Seq#1 as a seperate .AVI II file - which works fine - and then, rather then nesting the #1 sequence I just bring the .AVI file into the time line.  This works fine - but I just can't understand how/why this one timeline in this one project is acting this way.


      Any ideas?




      Any idea why timings are displayed with semi-colons rather than colons?   00;03;45;17 vs  00:03:45:17 just curious.