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    Flex on the Desktop

      I've been working on an application for a psychologist to track patient's responses to different medications. I've been developing it in Java because I want it to be cross platform. I've become quite frustrated with the amount of work it will take to get all of the data binding to work as well as the difficulty in laying out screens with the Swing layout managers (I've tried GridLayout, FormLayout, and MigLayout). While I get binding to work and can create reasonable layouts, the amount of time it takes has spurred to look for an alternative. I've just been playing with Flex for a couple of weeks, but I'm already quite impressed by the beautiful layouts and the fact that most of the data binding takes place behind the scenes if you use FDS.

      My only concern is that the technology is mainly aimed at RIAs and not desktop applications. It looks like everything is in place to use Flex for a desktop application, I just wonder if there are deployment issues I'm not aware of. My current plan is to use a SQLite database for the data and connect via Flex Data Services and JDBC.

      Can an application using this scenario be packaged to allow a user to basically click on a link and download and deploy it so that they can be up and running without any elaborate configuration?