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    CreationComplete dispatched before children are created

    tehxike1 Level 1

      I thought I could listen for creation complete to know when all children have been created, but it's not the case for this code snippet:


      <s:SkinnableContainer left="20" right="20" top="20" bottom="20">
              <s:layout><s:VerticalLayout gap="0"/></s:layout>
              <s:SkinnableContainer id="deviceDetailHeader" width="100%" >
                  <ns:Form id="deviceDetailForm" width="100%">
                      <ns:FormItem label="name:" direction="horizontal">
                          <ns:HBox id="nameView" verticalAlign="middle">
                              <s:Label id="nameLbl"/>


      In a creation handler I toggle a _created boolean to true, which I look for in commitProperties.  It's true, but nameLbl is still null.  Why is this?  There aren't any viewstacks above the label to delay its creation.