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    Seamless animation using a SWF




      I'm having problem with playing a *.swf file in my animation.  The *.swf file actually contains a video clip of people passing a card to one another. On the main timeline there are 3 nested movieclips, the movieclip on the second frame contains the *.swf file, and using Im using this code to load the SWF file:


      var myLoader:Loader = new Loader();
      var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest("iwill_cards_video.swf");




      The first movieclip plays fine, but then the next two movieclips play at the same time over one another.  I would like for the first movieclip to play, then the second movieclip containing the SWF file, followed by the final movieclip.  I have a "stop" on each of the 3 frames on the main timeline but it doesnt seem to work?


      thanks in advance,