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    Making Code interaction smarter

    sosensible Level 1

      I am looking for a way to do something in CF Builder we do in FlashBuilder. Let me describe the Flash Builder side first.


      1. Create a new tag in code that is recognized and the "import zzzz" command is automatically added to the top of the page.


      OK... that was it... just one step and that is my point. Wouldn't it be cool for those of us creating tag libraries like COOP, Steve Milligan's tag libraries and others to be able to do that in ColdFusion Builder?


      1. Enter Tag such as <coop:form ...> and the editor looks to see if the <cfimport prefix="coop" ...> exists at the top of the page. If it does not then it adds it.


      (Of course we will want some sort of a configuration file where we can edit the import prefixes and locations. Either that or we want it to prompt us for the path if the import tag.)