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    Flash trapallkeys and context menu issue on Mac




      Using Flash CS3 and AS2. There seems to be a conflict when trapping all keys and with the context menu on Mac. If I have a Flash movie with a single line of code:


      fscommand("trapallkeys", "true");


      When I open the resulting swf in either the standalone Flash Player or if I publish as a Mac projector, when I right-click I get the context menu appear as normal, but none of the menu items work - nothing is triggered and the menu disappears. This is even the case for "Settings..." and "About Flash Player..." items. If I open the swf in a browser or run the movie from the Flash authoring environment, then the context menu works - but of course the fscommand is not run in these circumstances.


      I've tried publishing for different Flash Player versions (down to 5!) and running in different Flash Players (a couple of version 9's and the latest version 10).


      Has/can anyone get the fscommand to run AND the context menu to work together in the standalone Flash Player or the Mac projector? By the way, this only seems to be an issue on the Mac version - both work together on a Windows machine.


      Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Mark