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    Problems exporting a movie in Flash CS4

    Jim Lebbad

      I'm trying to export a fla file to a mov file in Flash CS4.

      My fla file is 152 mb. It is a 5 minute presentation I created with a 39 second f4v file (video clip) in the file.

      I go to Export / Export Movie. I select Quicktime (mov). I keep the default settings and it starts to cycle through. It gets about half way and I get a message "The export operation failed because it ran out of memory"

      I'm running this on a Mac Pro, System 10.5.8. I have 4 GB of memory. My HD is 232 GB with 155 GB available.

      What is the problem and how can I get this to work?

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          Mikelangelo Design

          I'm having the identical issue. I've don't have movies/video in my flash movie...but I'm wondering if something is corrupted.


          I've tried resaving the file(s) with a new file name. I'm also wondering if there is a component within the file that's preventing the export? Perhaps, on a copy of the file, try deleted rows in the timeline or possibly frames in groups until you get a successful export to quicktime. Perhaps there's an asset in the library that's corrupted?

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            Mikelangelo Design Level 1

            I might have found a solution. When you select "on disk" there is a default location for the temp files/data. I selected an external drive with more space and it 'seems' to be working now...I also changed my output from "multipass" to "singlepass".



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              icharlse Level 1

              Well, for some reason, I've managed to be okay with the idea that all software relying on links is prone to crushing at any given moment during execution of a project, Yes this includes After effects, Illustrator, Indesign_name it. However, one thing I cannot understand or even come to terms with the idea that Flash CS4 cannot export a project of 162mb. My library is organised, My scenes are in perfect order,  I do not even use 3rd party componets in my projects..... but for some reason, I cannot export let alone publish an application file from FLASH CS4.


              My first thought was maybe some thing was wrong with the "flash.ocx" extension, so I took a walk and visited the Adobe site to get an update, but still after re-installing it nothing seems to put a smile on my face_( I've spent sleepless nights on this animation and all I need is to just export/ publish it, however flash exports it halfway and out of a blue the export dialog and the incomplete file vanish) Some times I  even wonder wether there is a vortex on my desktop.


              Another problem in this category am finding is with flash player in my browsers, if it runs in exlporer, then it won't run in firefox, and when I check in the control panel after installing on both browsers, I am so suprised to find 4plugins of flash player, which is not the case with my friends laptops which use 1plugin and an activeX control for the web browsers.


              Any help is very welcome, Am using Dell studio-xps Laptop running a 64bit  Windows Vista OS, 4bg Ram, 1 Terabyte HDD and yes Intel Graphics media card with dedicated memory of 1gb. (Of what use are they if I cannot export a small file of 162mb, am even ashamed to mention it, heeeeeelp  )

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                I just  had this problem too! It only occured during a Quicktime, when I changed it to Avi it exported, but the first five seconds were all messed up...did not matter because I was forced to export a swf embedded version of an FLA I had lost earlier in the day that destroyed all my saved fla versions. I was on the phone with Adobe for two hours, disconnected during transfers three times, and in the end they could not find a way for me to pull audio from a swf or repair the broken fla files. So I imorted the last swf to flash, edited over it to finish the last few lip syncs, re did all the sounds, eported that to avi (because the error you were also getting, then in premeier cut parts of the first swf (all the cradients were runined when I embedded it to finish the lipsyncs), imported the avi, imported the new swf (because the avi had sounds, but the swf looked better), and imported a few audio clips for the destroyed intro, and then cliped the video ad sounds just right and eported it. Not too mcuh extra work for something I was almost done on last night, just another18 hours to completed what was about four minutes left.


                So to reply to your question did you try avi? I know avi sometimes seems to lack motion in the exports, but it worked for me that time.

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                  icharlse Level 1

                  Wow thanks, I tried with Avi and it worked.

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                    JayRoot Level 1

                    Yeah it is sad that we have to do these tricks to get new software to work. I have found

                    movie clips ruin tons of things, mess up for exporting to avis in the sybols many tim

                    es and so on. I think my newest way to fix issues is to creat the swf file, then delete all video excluding one line or dot, and export that as a avi, then combine the adio from the avi and the swf in premier to create a working avi or mov...prehaps they will create a new program to tack on to the CS6 package just to do this.

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                      I had the same problem; one which I've experienced before with Premire, relating to the scratch disks and was solved by resetting them to a drive with more memory.

                      Unfortuantly I couldn't find out how to reset the scratch disks on Flash, then I realised that I had multiple files open on Flash. I was able to export fine after closing them, since the scratch disks are only temporary; closing automatically when the file is closed.

                      This probably won't help with larger files however.